Thursday, January 31, 2019

Check, Please! Has Saved My Life

As a fanatic of YA gay novels and adorable graphic novels, I am shocked I had been missing out on Check, Please. After finally deciding to pull it off the shelf at my library, I found myself swooning over the charming characters and surprisingly entertaining storyline. I had seen this book around a few other blogs and have now realized the fan base of this series is incredibly large and supportive. After becoming completely obsessed with the first volume and extremely defeated by the cliffhanger, I continued to read every recent update to the webcomic on the Check, Please website. (I'm going to try my absolute best not to spoil major plot points here, fingers crossed.)

Ngozi Ukazu began writing this comic in 2013 after she fell in love with Hockey when doing extensive research on the sport for her screenplay-writing at Yale. In her forward for the first volume she writes how she immersed herself in "weeks of intense anthropological study" of hockey culture. Ngozi stated she was speaking with a friend in the library about how large the LGBT population was at Yale, when a hockey player joked that no one was gay on the hockey team; Ngozi supposedly created this comic in spite of him. When the webcomic gained traction via her twitter and tumblr accounts, Ngozi created a kickstarter for a physical publication of her comic, which was released in September of 2018.

The comic follows Eric "Bitty" Bittle through his four years at Samwell University. Bitty not only plays forward (#15) for the Samwell Men's Hockey Team (SMH), but is also an avid baker and vlogger. Bitty is always speaking to his camera, telling stories about SMH or sharing pie recipes with his audience when he is not in the kitchen making baked goods for his teammates. Throughout his first two years at Samwell, we see Bitty struggle with hockey, specifically his fear of physicality, and coming to terms with his sexuality. He finds himself getting coached by their star player, Jack Zimmermann, on how to deal with checking. This leads to a strange friendship between Bitty and the elusive Jack.

Jack Zimmermann, later known as Zimmboni, is the son of Canadian hockey legend "Bad Bob". Because his father had an immensely successful career, Jack felt a lot of pressure to follow in his footsteps causing him severe anxiety. Jack plays for SMH and becomes captain in his senior year. Throughout the first volume, Jack is often seen speaking with hockey managers working out deals for his professional career, or taking photographs of geese for his photography class. He is described as a hockey robot, who lacks emotion and often avoids social interaction, that is until he meets Bitty.

The characters in this comic are charismatic and bountiful. Because we are following an entire hockey team, there must be way more than our two main characters. My personal favorite would be Shitty; as the secret genius best friend with a glorious "flow", he is extremely amiable and supportive of everyone around him. Other characters include: Ransom and Holster (everyones best friend goals), Chowder, Nursey, Dex, Tango, Lardo, Denise, and Whiskey.

This comic was super fun to read. I loved reading about the hockey boys, their stories, inside jokes, and growing friendships. The culture surrounding college hockey is really quite cute (at least in this comic). The first volume, #Hockey, is a delightful read for anyone who enjoys graphic novels. The second half of Bitty's story, which is still in progress, is just as pleasant but appears to deal with more serious topics such as coming out, keeping a relationship secret, as well as dealing with pressure and anxiety. Now is the best time to start reading as Ngozi seems to be updating more frequently since the  official second volume is in production. Also! The comics website has lots of extras including blogs and sketches from Ngozi as well as Bitty's actual twitter account! I always love when books or shows break into reality by having twitter or instagram accounts for their characters; it adds an additional dimension to the characters and lets the readers have fun with the story even after they finish the book. Theres tons of great interviews with Ngozi too which I recommend reading/watching if this comic made your heart double in size!

Overall, you should absolutely read this comic because it will fill you up with happiness, warmth, and all things good. I will actually drown in tears when it is completed and am praying it does not end after Bitty graduates. Please read it so we can cry together.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Book Review: What If It's Us

"...and I let Jonathon Groff drown them out, because that's what cute boys are for." 
What If It's Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera was one of my favorite reads this year which was honestly so unexpected. I haven't been very happy with Becky since her last two novels were a bit of a flop in my eyes and I've never read an Adam Silvera book before so I really had no idea what I was in for.  This book was hilarious and adorable and everything you could ever hope for in a gay YA romance novel.

Arthur is spending his summer as an intern at his mothers law firm in the bright and exciting city of New York. Instead of exploring this new world, he sits in his room listening to the "Dear Evan Hansen" soundtrack on repeat (me too tbh) counting the days until he is back home in Georgia. Until one coffee run where he meets Ben, the cute boy at the post office in a Dream & Bean t-shirt. Ben is mailing out a breakup box, or at least trying to until a boy in a hot dog tie starts flirting with him. Ben is newly single and struggling to move on as he is spending his summer in school with his ex, which is definitely a sore subject. The boys depart without exchanging numbers let alone names but did the universe want them to meet? What was the universe doing when they met again and again? Was this really meant to be? Ben and Arthur are willing to give it a shot in hopes that this is their big city summer romance.

The characters in this book were so great and lovable. Dylan was by far the funniest character I've read of in a long time. He was sweet, caring, trust worthy, reliable, and genuinely had me laughing hysterically as I read in public. His relationship with Ben and how Ben would describe Dylan was exceedingly sweet. I have definitely mentioned before that I adore any book whose characters are just as coffee obsessed as I am. Dylan was the definition of coffee obsessed. From Dream & Bean to Kool Koffee, many hot cups were shared. Not to mention Dylan's entire wardrobe is basically just cafe t-shirts which I can only aspire to have. Dylan was not a main character but I would love to read a book from his point of view, he would make such an amazing narrator. Arthur and Ben were also super easy to like. For me personally, Arthur was extremely relatable. He loves all things Broadway (though I'm not a Hamilton fan whatsoever so those references made me cringe), he loves NYC, and hes really just looking for a show stopping romance (aren't we all?). Most of the characters in this book were sort of geeky and obsessed with something whether it be musicals or Harry Potter. I hate when YA books try too hard to be "down with the youth" by referring to pop culture a little too much. However, this book specifically wasn't too bad and was for the most part believable and realistic enough. Ben went through some inner struggle having to do with his race, which was great for readers who are going through similar issues; although, sometimes I feel like YA books try to cover as many social issues as possible, which I could probably accuse this book of as well (any Becky Albertalli book really). The only characters I did not care for were Juliet and Namrata; they seemed a little pointless in the plot. They were a bit mean at first too which I wasn't down for as a member of the Arthur protection squad.

I thought the plot was very unique. It was absolutely a Cinderella story but felt fresh and entertaining (similar to Sometime After Midnight by L. Philips). Two boys meet and part with no way of contacting the other, followed by a search and a blooming romance. I don't want to spoil the story so I'll just say that I was never overall disappointed with any events in the story. The epilogue however almost seemed unnecessary and slightly ruined the ending for me nor do I think it added anything to the story. The relationship was also kind of "instalovey" which I know many people don't enjoy, however I think the timeline fit the story pretty well.

The book also tackles some important topics really well in my opinion. There is a scene where Arthur and Ben are dealing with homophobia. This was a really great scene showing the reality of homophobia and how it affects others. There is discussion of anxiety and panic attacks as well as heartbreak, cheating, and examples of healthy relationships of different variety.

I really can't even explain how cute this book was. I want the entire world to read it and dream of a love story so adorable.

Are you going to read What If It's Us when it comes out in October??
Indiana Grace

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Book Review: Captive Prince Trilogy ❤

This trilogy has quickly taken over every available place in my heart. The love I have for these kingdoms and their rulers is absolutely unbelievable. I have read many books that I've enjoyed yet only few (3 actually) have been named as my absolute favorites. I think it is obvious by now that I absolutely 100% want everyone to read these three beautiful novels; Captive Prince, Prince's Gambit, and Kings Rising

C. S. Pacat began writing this trilogy and sharing chapters online, after the story gained great popularity she published in 2013. The story follows Prince Damen,  the rightful king of Akielos, as he is sent to become a bed slave for Prince Laurent of Vere. Together, these men form an inseparable bond amidst the secrets and wars brewing around them. Over the course of three books, both Damen and Laurent fight against their usurpers in hopes to gain back power and support from their people. I first found these books in a blog post by Lily at Sprinkles of Dreams. I was beyond excited to start reading these books, I called up my local bookstore and reserved the first one as fast as I could (from work actually, haha). I bought the first book, a bit apprehensive as to how I would like it, as I have never read a fantasy novel. Needless to say, I was not disappointed in the slightest and bought the next two immediately.

Lily expressed concern for the controversy facing the first novel in the trilogy. I am aware that Captive Prince has many negative reviews due to subjects of forced sexual acts and slavery. Though some readers may find this extremely off putting, I don't think it is a rightful reason to negatively rate this book. It is obvious and right that rape is illegal and highly frowned upon (for lack of a better phrase) in our modern society, however as a reader we must understand the social norms and customs of the settings within the story. The kingdom of Vere is run in a very different way than our modern society where slavery and sexual acts are viewed in an opposite light. Putting that aside, I really enjoyed the first book. I knew going into the trilogy that it is a romance and so I was disappointed that Damen and Laurent did not get a long throughout the majority of Captive Prince. I understood why Damen disliked Laurent for obvious reasons yet I couldn't help but wish they'd put their differences aside sooner than later. After finishing the entire trilogy, the angst within the first book truly helped set up their relationship. While reading this book, I was trying to think of what it could mean and what the book was really trying to say. While trying to paint a bigger picture with the contents, I remembered that it is a romance where there isn't necessarily a deeper meaning. That being said, there were still many lessons to be learned about trust and honesty. Onto a lighter subject, Prince Laurent was described so beautifully. I wish these books would be made into a movie so I can see Laurent on the big screen. He is by far one of my favorite characters. Not only is he beautiful but he also bled character development. From being a smart mouthed snake in Captive Prince, we see him change into the soft and gentle young leader he truly is in Kings Rising. We see a hint of his soft side with his interactions with Erasmus. I loved Erasmus' story and was glad to see he got a very happy ending. Now to get a bit more technical. The writing in the book is beautiful. We are placed right into the middle of conflict within Akielos, yet it is not difficult to understand the setting or actions taking place. While I was reading this book, a friend described the writing as "Shakespeare shit" though I don't believe Pacat writes anything like Shakespeare, I do find this book to be slightly poetic and easy to picture. However, the tone of this book felt extremely different to the following two. This book was harsh and dark, lacking any signs of romance until the end. 

Right off the bat, Prince's Gambit felt like a different novel completely. It was much more romantic right from the start whereas Captive Prince gave a off a more sexual and dominating feel. We had a hint of romance within the first novel between Erasmus and Torveld, yet even that relationship was described differently than the relationships in this book. It sort of feels as though there is an entirely different author writing. Maybe if I reread the books over, I might change my mind. Where the first book was written poetically and dark, this book felt much lighter and almost contemporary. Laurent and Damen had dialogue that I'd never have imagined based on their interactions in the first book. It seemed a bit strange how quickly their relationship changed but looking back it makes sense based on what they went through towards the end of Captive Prince. Laurent was twice as crafty and deceptive in this second book. Which made me love him twice as much. He is such a strong and interesting character, I don't know how anyone would not love him. My notes on the second and third book blend together because I read them back to back so I'm not entirely sure of the timeline, haha. I do recall a lot of betrayal in Prince's Gambit which made this book hard to put down. I read in a review before I read this series that Laurent would eventually take Damen to bed, and so I was on edge through this entire book waiting for it to happen. I thought for sure it would take place in the third book, and so I was anxious with thinking it would change the whole atmosphere of the book, which it did; and even more so when the truth is revealed in Kings Rising. I texted my friends constantly while reading Prince's Gambit, I was so worried about Laurent discovering the truth and the outcome. Keep in mind, my friends haven't read any of this trilogy and i'm sure got pretty tired of me mentioning it. Overall, the romance and ongoing twists and turns of Prince's Gambit made this book an incredible continuation.

Okay now we get to the good stuff. This book right here crushed my heart into dust then brought me back to life. I cried many times throughout reading Kings Rising. The relationship between Damen and Laurent in this book is all I need for the rest of my life. They are so sweet and in love, I'm crying just thinking about them. Throughout these three books, the timeline of the men falling in love is very realistic. It is refreshing to see Damen and Laurent take their time especially after reading so many YA novels where the characters fall in love instantly. Their relationship appeared natural and honest. I mentioned early that Laurent's character development was the greatest in the world. He was such a sweetheart in this last book with all around realistic and pragmatic characteristics. He was his usual sharp and snarky self, but we see he is also full of self doubt and hatred. Damen and the crew that grew throughout Prince's Gambit come to his aid when he thought he had to face things all alone. The ending of this book was incredible. I genuinely had to put it down and stop reading for a bit because I wasn't sure how it would end. I knew it was a romance and it would probably end well, yet I feared the worst. I almost couldn't finish because I didn't want it to end badly.

The short stories that follow this trilogy are probably my favorite things in the whole world. Not only is Summer Palace full of beautiful romance and intimacy but it also lets readers know Damen and Laurent are still going strong after the end of Kings Rising. My favorite short story is definitely The Adventures of Charls, the Veretian Cloth Merchant. This story shows such an adorable side of Laurent. It is full of cute interactions between Damen and Laurent. Plus, we get the hear the joke about Charls and cousin Charls again, which was definitely the funniest joke in the whole trilogy.

I truly can't recommend this trilogy enough, it has made my heart so warm. (and look at these awesome Japanese versions!)

Have you read this series? What are your thoughts??
Indiana Grace

The Adventures of Charls, the Veretian Cloth Merchant

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Book Review: Sometime After Midnight

Sometime After Midnight by L. Philips is a sweet new young adult novel self-titled as a "cinderfella" story. Though there is so much more to this story than searching for a lost love. This story deals with grief, forgiveness, mental illness, and encourages its readers to pursue dreams even if it seems like the world is against them.

Nate Grisheimer is 17 and works at his stepmoms Dairy Barn. He's also an incredible guitarist scared to break into the musical world. A fear instilled by his musical genius father, Mick Grisheimer. When his father killed himself, Nate had no answers to his questions; all he knew was that Paradise records drove his father to suicide. The music he played with his father is kept in the walls of his bedroom, only for his ears.Then comes the beautiful boy asking him to dance at a concert for one of his favorite bands. This boy knows real music, sweeping Nate right off his feet. That is until Nate realizes this perfect boy is Cameron Pierce, heir of Paradise records.

Cameron Pierce is nothing like his father, he hopes to change the way Paradise is run and struggles to get that across to the tabloids who assume he is just your average spoiled rich kid. Cameron wants to sing, somewhere other than his shower. Yet with his connections, he can't prove himself in the music industry without being told he was given his career, and can't begin to imagine how his father would react. He keeps his hopes and dreams locked up until Nate comes along. With this new love interest, Cameron is inspired to fight back against the comfortable lifestyle he lives. With a boost of confidence and support he can achieve great things.
This book was so incredibly sweet. I loved just about every second of reading it. That being said, it was also a quick read with its classic YA writing style. I actually requested the library (also my workplace) to purchase this book and by the time it came out I didn't feel like reading it, though of course I felt obligated since I made the library buy it. I'm so glad I gave this book a chance, it was the perfect break from Captive Prince (which is basically the complete opposite of this book, review to come!). I always love reading a sweet fluffy YA after a more dense novel. If you feel the same way then this book is a foolproof option. I would love to read a sequel with Vic and Tess! 

I always love cute coffee talk! Almost like a crossover of my favorite things: gay fiction and coffee. This book was full of it, whether it was Cam and Tess talking business over a hot cup or Nate taking note of how Cam likes his in the morning. 
"Are you going to want more? Because I am."
"All the coffee." 
 The relationship between Cam and Nate was beyond adorable. I loved how supportive they were of each other. They encouraged one another both musically and emotionally. It was often said that they were a bit scared that they were being too supportive which I found refreshing and relatable. I wouldn't necessarily say that their relationship was realistic because it was extremely positive once they got together. However, there was never an issue with anyone that Nate and Cam were gay. This seemed unrealistic. We may want the world to be an overly accepting place but some people will just never be okay with homosexuality, which is why I always find it weird when books are set in a world full of acceptance. It would definitely take away from the main plot if homophobia was also thrown in so I understand, its just something I see a lot and find a bit improbable. (SPOILER?) The only thing I thought was a bit funky about their relationship was how quickly they slept together. Nate mentioned a few times that he needed to get laid yet it was clear he was a virgin. It seemed strange that they'd sleep together the same day they realized their feelings, and even after they slept together they were unsure if they'd date.

There was tons of great discussion on mental illness towards the end of the novel. Characters mentioned there should be more considerate feelings and discussions towards mental illness which is obviously something that should be encouraged and made true. This book specifically talks of schizophrenia and hinted at depression and anxiety. There was also a lot of discussion about family relationships which is just as important. The book encourages healthy relationships with family members; Cam and his father, Nate and his stepmom.

Cam was 100% my favorite character, I felt like I could really relate to him. He had so much development from the beginning of the book to the end. He matured in positive and realistic ways. (sPoILeR!1!) When Cam realized he had to give his demo to a different company in order to really prove himself in the music industry I was so proud of my baby boy. He just needed some love and a bit of encouragement to get where he wanted to be. TToTT

There's two main things that I didn't like in this book (woah 2 things, that's a lot!). First of all, why does Nate have to dress like such a dweeb. Sorry if that's mean but suspenders and a bow tie everyday is a bit much... He just sounded so uncool which didn't fit his personality at all. Also, why does the cover and every summary of this book have to do with Nate's converse, sure it kicks off the story but its pretty insignificant past the first 100 pages. Second, the lyrics that were meant to be emotional and inspiring were all super cheesy, they sounded like emo poems I wrote when I was 13 (the only song I liked and thought was actually decent was the one they wrote for Mick).

I thought it would be cute to make a playlist of music that remind me of reading this book so here it is!

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts?
Indiana Grace

Monday, June 25, 2018

Book Review: Leah on the Offbeat (spoilers!)

Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli was supposed to be a good read. I was so excited to continue reading about the Simon Vs. gang yet this book left me so incredibly disappointed. For starters, I didn't really care for a Leah story line, though I know many fans asked for this exact book to be made. Leah is bisexual and in love with Abby. Ok, but where was this ever hinted at in Simon Vs? This seems like such a random concept. I've seen many others describe this book as fan fiction, and honestly that accusation is not that far off. Becky published fan fiction of her own book. Abby was so head over heels for Nick in Simon Vs. and even more so in Upside of Unrequited, so it makes absolutely no sense that she would just decide to break up with him. 

Don't get me wrong, I didn't entirely hate this book. I enjoyed the bits of the story when Simon and Bram were being adorable, yet it wasn't as often as I'd like. Honestly, I would've preferred an actual sequel where Simon and Bram take on college or something, anything other than the sequel we were given. Some other obvious flaws include the horribly paced story line, the complete change of personality in characters from the first book, and Leah's shitty character in general. 

Leah was a serious bitch in this book. She was rude to literally everyone but maybe Simon. She was super shitty to Abby, I'm surprised Abby even liked her. Her mom was such a saint to put up with Leah's bad attitude, and don't even get me started on what a jerk she was to Garrett. Leah led Garrett on throughout the entire book. She knew Garrett liked her but she liked the idea of someone crushing on her so she never admitted to him that she wasn't interested. She was mad at Morgan through the entire book because Morgan sad one stupid thing when she was angry and upset. Ok Leah.. she genuinely apologized and realized her wrongdoings, lets move on now. The whole gang was not supportive of Nick at all, which was also upsetting to read. Its genuinely like Becky scrapped all the character development from her first book but wanted to write a sequel anyways. If she was gonna switch up the characters so much she should have just written a standalone.

 The fact that she wrote this book at all really just makes it seem like shes trying to feed off of the fame from Simon Vs and Love Simon, obviously I don't want to believe that, it just really feels half-assed compared to her first book (even compared to Upside of Unrequited which I didn't even like that much either). However, I've also read some reviews where people really loved this book. Their reasons for enjoying the book is usually because they can relate to Leah and her situation or because they love that there is bi representation, and the fact that it is one of very few girl loves girl books out there. There are many books with bi representation that are a lot more genuine than this book.

 Honestly, I wouldn't even bother reading this book, especially if you loved Simon Vs. It not only has horrible characters that don't reflect those in Simon Vs, but its just really boring. Nothing really happens and then all of a sudden Abby and Leah are together. Sorry this is so unorganized, I just have lots of mismatched thoughts that have collected over the month it took me to actually finish reading this book.

Have you read Leah on the Offbeat? What did you think??
Indiana Grace

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Eau de VIXX (but 2 months late...)

VIXX is back once again with a beautiful new album. I pre-ordered this album in April, a few days before it was actually released. Obviously I purchased signed copies which will always be my downfall. When will I learn not to purchase signed albums from Mwave? Probably never. I waited over two months for my albums to arrive, which sucks, but I finally have them and I'm happy as a clam! Eau de VIXX is the 3rd album from my favorites, VIXX. The album's concept is perfume, and the album features 12 songs. The physical CD comes in two versions: black, and red. I bought both versions of this album because I love spending money!! Ken signed the black album and Hyuk signed the red album. I was happy with the autographs since the only other autographed album I have is from Ravi. The CD itself comes with the usual photo cards. I received a Ken photocard and a black and white photo of N and Hongbins hands in the black version of the album. I was super excited to get a Leo card and a photo of N in the red version of the album. I was hoping for LR cards since Ravi and Leo are my favorites, but Leo's card is cute enough for now. The really unique part about this album are these red and white cards. The white card came in the black version and the red card in the red version. These are perfume cards, which is so awesome and such a great idea to include in an album with a perfume concept. I'm pretty sure the red card is scented like roses and the white card is very elegant smelling but I'm not sure what it is exactly. VIXX always makes me so proud with everything they put out and this album is the reason. The CD's are obviously the same with the same songs but they are designed differently. The black version is gray with chains while the red version is purple with a flower. Some of my favorite songs on this album include My Valentine, Trigger, Circle, and Navy & Shining Gold. These boys work so hard on the music they put out so I'm grateful for and love all of their songs! I'm especially grateful for Ravi who writes and produces a lot of VIXX's songs, I really admire his drive. I encourage everyone to give VIXX a chance and if you enjoy this album, listen to their other songs! They deserve all the love in the world so please support them! 

Have you listened to this album? Did you get the red or black version?
Indiana Grace

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Book and Movie Review: Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda/ Love, Simon

It is so difficult to compare Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda and the movie adaption Love, Simon. I almost feel as though they're not related at all. Besides the basic plot of Simon falling in love online and being outed to the entire school, the movie definitely took some liberties. 

The book was adorable. I was hesitant to read it as it is a very contemporary YA story, which isn't usually my preferred genre. However, I was pretty surprised to find that I actually enjoyed this book. I enjoyed it enough to finish it in one night! The characters were all extremely likable and unique. The writing was very easy to follow; chapters switched from first-person narration to email exchanges, which I think helped make it such a quick read. We follow Simon as he falls for the boy he has been exchanging emails with. Both boys are hiding a big secret: they're gay. The story continues as Simon is blackmailed by Martin, and subsequently outed to the entire school when Martin realizes he'll never attain Abby's love. Simon loses all of his friends, including his mysterious online boyfriend. I thought the plot of this book was actually pretty interesting, and It was never super obvious to me who Blue was until it was revealed at the end, probably because I was reading at 3 am. I was disappointed as to who Blue actually was but, oh well. There were so many cute scenes. When they ditched lunch to have Oreo cereal, I died, too cute. I also loved that Leah had a lot of character development despite being only a supporting character. Overall, this book was super adorable. It was a quick, easy read. I don't think the issues it tackled were too serious but it was still an enjoyable read. 

The movie was also adorable. Nick Robinson made a perfect Simon. I was so excited to see the movie since I really enjoyed the book. To be honest, I enjoy cheesy contemporary love stories in the form of movies more so than books. Needless to say, the book was better than the movie. Don't get me wrong! The movie was awesome and I enjoyed it, but there is so much more detail in a book than in a movie, in my opinion at least. Had I not read the book, I think I would've enjoyed the movie a lot more. A lot changed from the book to screen adaption. The number one thing that bugged me was that Simon figured out who Blue was much earlier in the movie. Though, he then thought of different people it could be, so viewers were thrown off. I thought it was strange how they introduced him as a possible Blue so early. He wasn't even a possibility until the very end of the book. Other than that big change, there were lots of little changes. Book Simon had 2 sisters, one in college and one a high school freshman. Movie Simon had one sister, which we can assume was a high school freshman, yet she looked as if she were 10. Leah loved Nick in the book but loved Simon in the movie. A bunch of little changes from the book makes it hard to compare the two. It was almost as if they were telling two different stories. 

The book and the movie were both absolutely adorable. I recommend either. Though I don't think its entirely necessary to read the book if you've seen the film or see the film if you've read the book. It was a different experience from a book to movie adaption like Call Me By Your Name, where the book supported the film beautifully, almost like a second layer to the story (not that you can even compare CMBYN to this book, in all honesty).This was entirely different in that the movie and book feel more like two separate adaptions of the same story, which makes sense and is obviously not a bad thing. If you like contemporary romance or gay love stories in general, I think you'll really enjoy this story! (Keep in mind I am often very biased with any gay literature as it is my favorite genre, so I'd love to hear what you thought about the book!)

Have you read Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda? Have you watched Love, Simon? What did you think?
Indiana Grace